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January 19
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Abbeydale Calgary Community

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Are you a parent? If you’re looking for a neighborhood in Calgary that both you and your kids would love, look no further than Abbeydale. Abbeydale, Calgary is a primarily residential sector in the northeastern part of the city. The community has a large population of youth and boasts numerous parks and playgrounds, so it’s an ideal community in which to raise children. Moreover, there’s a separate school and a public school in Abbeydale, so you don’t have to worry about traveling long distances to drop your kids off for their classes. Many parents pick Abbeydale for that very reason; living a stone’s throw away from their kids’ school is convenient and reassuring.

Annexed in 1976 by the City of Calgary, Abbeydale is an established neighborhood with a peaceful atmosphere. Abbeydale has a large population of young people, but it is popular with people of all ages because of its peaceful atmosphere and proximity to the downtown area. From Abbeydale, Calgary, the downtown area is accessible via either 16th Avenue or Memorial Drive. In the neighborhood, there’s a simple strip mall where you can pick day-to-day necessities, but you’ll have to venture to an adjacent neighborhood to do more serious shopping.

Abbeydale’s Community Association

Because of the large population of youth in Abbeydale, the Abbeydale Community Association offers an array of youth-oriented community programs. Examples of programs offered at the Abbeydale Community Association include an afterschool care program, Jelly Bean Dances, and Scouts.

The Abbeydale Community Association doesn’t reserve all the fun for the kids, however. They also offer amenities that provide recreational opportunities for the whole family and organize activities for adults. For example, there’s a skating rink that families can enjoy, and on the second floor of the Community Association building, there’s a pub with pool tables, dart boards, and food. The pub hosts an open pub night on Friday nights that features karaoke and crib tournaments. To put it simply, the Abbeydale Community Association strives to cater to all members of its diverse population.

Another benefit of living in Abbeydale, which has a population of approximately 6,000 people, is that the crime rate is relatively low compared to surrounding neighborhoods.

Furthermore, the real estate is affordable in Abbeydale, Calgary, which largely explains its popularity with young families. The streets of Abbeydale are quiet, clean, and friendly. And with its easy access to major roads and public transit, it’s not difficult to see why Abbeydale has become such a desirable place to live in Calgary.
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