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January 19
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Arbour Lake Calgary Community

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If you’re a nature lover who wants to live on a slice of wilderness in the middle of the city, you’ll love Arbour Lake, Calgary. Established in 1992, this quaint neighborhood surrounded by rolling hills is located in the northwest quadrant of the city. It is northwest Calgary’s only lake community, where residents can enjoy breathtaking mountain views and convenient access to the Rockies on the weekend. Despite the fact that it’s on nature’s doorstep, the neighborhood’s only a short drive away from the downtown area.

Lakeside Living

As its name suggests, Arbour Lake is home to a pristine lake. The man-made lake, which is located in the heart of the neighborhood, is a 10-acre, 20- feet deep lake that is fed by the city’s water supply. The water in Arbour Lake is so clean and clear that you can see the bottom of the lake. The lake also serves as a healthy habitat for fish. In fact, Arbour Lake is popular with anglers because it’s stocked three times per year with Rainbow Trout. The majority of anglers who visit Arbour Lake practice catch-and-release, but some anglers do take their catches home.

Other popular activities at Arbour Lake include boating, swimming, and BBQ’s in the summer, and ice fishing and skating in the winter. The lake and its associated walkways, parklands, and facilities are meant for the exclusive use of Arbour Lake, Calgary residents and their guests.

Convenient and Rich with Amenities

Additional amenities that residents of Arbour Lake, Calgary can enjoy include a YMCA, a brand new library, and a system of pathways that incorporates tots lots, regional parks, and more. Arbour Lake’s proximity to the Calgary Foothills General Hospital, the University, SAIT, and Mount Royal College also make it an appealing place to live.

Recreational Opportunities

If you like the idea of living in a thriving community that’s active, friendly, and social, you’ll love Arbour Lake, Calgary. From sports programs to social functions, the community association regularly organizes events for people of all ages, so you’ll have endless opportunities to enjoy yourself, make new friends, and stay fit.

Family-Friendly Features

For families with children, one of the biggest draws of living in Arbour Lake, Calgary is undoubtedly the lake. In addition to the lake’s amenities, however, there are other factors that make Arbour Lake an appealing neighborhood for the little ones. For one, Arbour Lake itself is home to a middle school and Catholic school, and there are several elementary schools, high schools, and separate schools (some with French immersion programs) to choose from the in the area. The Arbour Lake Community Association also hosts an After School Program and Parents and Tots Program.
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