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Banff Trail Calgary Community

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If youíre shopping around for a home and like the idea of living in a well-established Calgary neighborhood with an active, tight-knit community, consider paying Banff Trail a visit. Located in the northwest sector of the City of Calgary, Banff Trail is a primarily residential community that was established in 1910. The neighborhood was named after the town of Banff, which got its name from Banffshire, Scotland. Highway 1, which adjoins the neighborhood, connects to Banff and Banff National Park.

Banff Trail Community Association

Banff Trail is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Calgary, so it is also home to one of the oldest community associations. The Banff Trail Community Association has been in existence for over 50 years, and many of the programs and activities it initiated in its early days are still in existence. Some activities and events that the Banff Trail Community Association organizes include hockey, skating, music jams, yoga classes, and pancake breakfasts. In 2010, the Banff Trail Community Association started a Community Garden, which has proven to be a raging success. The Community Garden features 20 garden beds where a variety of vegetables are planted, so itís the perfect place to develop your green thumb.

Recreational amenities that are available to residents of Banff Trail, Calgary include two volunteer-run skating rinks and a baseball diamond. Additionally, Banff Trail is in proximity to the North Hill Recreational Pathways, which run through several parks and lead up to Nose Creek in the east. North Hill also boasts an abundance of green spaces, where you can escape to take a breath of fresh air. Athletic members of the community are drawn to the extensive fitness facilities at nearby Foothills Athletic Park, which include soccer pitches, an indoor swimming pool, and an indoor ice arena.

Banff Trail, Calgary also has the advantage of being in a convenient location. It is near several Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations, bus routes, libraries, major recreational facilities like McMahon Stadium and Jubilee Auditorium, and major institutions like the University of Calgary and the Alberta College of Art. There are also several elementary schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools in the area. Banff Trail, Calgary is a pedestrian- friendly community, so most of the schools in the area are within walking distance.


Because of its proximity to several good schools, its plethora of recreational opportunities, and its affordable real estate, Banff Trail, Calgary understandably has a large population of families. In fact, children make up the majority of Banff Trailís population.

Since its beginnings, Banff Trail, Calgaryís population has mostly consisted of young families starting out. Each of these families has contributed to Banff Trailís growth and strong sense of community, which has been fortified by the myriad opportunities for socialization, recreation, and relaxation that the neighborhood offers.
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