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January 19
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Bel-Aire Calgary Community

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Affluent, peaceful, and luxurious: those are some of the words that would describe the neighborhood of Bel-Aire, Calgary. After all, with a name like Bel-Aire, what else could you expect? The name alone conjures up images of a wealthy residential area dotted with mansions and an abundance of green space, and thatís exactly what youíll get in Bel-Aire: a quaint neighborhood in southwest Calgary thatís one of the cityís wealthiest communities. Bel- Aire is located just east of the Glenmore Reservoir and close to Glenmore Dam.

The homes in Bel-Aire range in price from just a little under $1 million to over $12 million, so itís certainly not a neighborhood that just anybody can call home. Only around 500 people live in Bel-Aire, Calgary, where the median income is approximately $140,000. Bel-Aire, Calgary was established in 1960 and many of the homes in the neighborhood date back to that period.


People love to live in Bel-Aire, Calgary because itís serene and there are several pathways that wind throughout the neighborhood. Furthermore, residents can enjoy stunning views of the city, the snow-capped Rockies, the Glenmore Reservoir, and the Elbow River Valley from the neighborhood.

If youíd like to escape the noise and commotion of the city, Bel-Aireís a great place to live. Itís a peaceful community where it feels like the wilderness is right at your doorstep. And despite its quiet surroundings, Bel- Aireís is a convenient location thatís only a short commute away from the downtown area via Elbow Drive.

Recreational Opportunities

Green spaces that residents of Bel-Aire can enjoy include the Glenmore Reservoir, Heritage Park, and Lincoln Park. The Calgary Golf and Country Club is also nearby, so recreational opportunities abound. Bel-Aire, Calgary is strongly linked to the community of Mayfair, which is located further south. In fact, Bel-Aire and Mayfair have the same community association, and itís called the Mayfair Bel-Aire Community Association. The association organizes events and activities, such as parades, parties, and a youth hockey program. Furthermore, the association makes an effort to beautify the neighborhood and pools funds to build new recreational amenities. As of this writing, basketball courts and a new playground were under construction.


Bel-Aire, Calgary homes are known for being large, lavish, and impressive. The neighborhood is comprised of exclusive, luxury estates, and there are no renters in the community.

There are approximately 100 families with children living in the neighborhood, which is served by the Christopher Robin private school. Overall, Bel-Aire is a wonderful place to raise children because it is safe, boasts an abundance of green space, is located near schools, and offers an intimate community atmosphere thatís conducive to raising healthy, happy children.
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