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January 19
Simplifying Your Life
By Celeste Robichaud Doesn’t it seem like most people, when asked “How are you?” respond with, “I’m so ...
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Beltline Calgary Community

Beltline Calgary Community: Association, Maps, Events, Real Estate, schools, churches, sports, clubs, houses, homes, and more... Read More »

For the ultimate in urban living, check out Beltline, Calgary, south of the downtown area. This historic, diverse neighborhood is made up of four separate communities: West Connaught, Victoria Park, Connaught Centre, and East Victoria Park. There are also a few informal city districts located within Beltline, such as Midtown and the Design District.

Beltline, Calgary is known for its authentic, urban character. It’s a popular neighborhood for young professionals who work downtown, want to live walking distance from their workplace, and have a lively social life. Beltline is home to nearly 17,000 residents. The first established district in historic Beltline was Connaught, in 1905.

Beltline was named after a streetcar route that ran through the area in the early 20th Century. This inner-city neighborhood is comprised mostly of high density residential buildings; there are few single family homes in the area. The majority of the residential buildings in Beltline are occupied by renters. Although the area has changed dramatically over the years, there are still a few remnants of its past left in the form of historical buildings. In fact, most of Calgary’s heritage sites are located within Beltline.


Beltline is teeming with well-designed, boutique townhomes and condos. The real estate in Beltline is affordably priced, so even young professionals with relatively modest incomes can afford to purchase property here.


The Beltline area is well-designed of carless professionals, and you can get around easily without even setting foot in a vehicle. There are no Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations in Beltline, as most residents walk to work. To put it simply, living in Beltline will save you money because you won’t have to drive often.

Having an active social life in Beltline, Calgary is also easy because of the abundance of restaurants and nightclubs. 17th Avenue, in the southern part of the Beltline area, is packed with shops, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. 17th Avenue has a party-like atmosphere and has been dubbed Calgary’s “Party Street.”


There are approximately 1,000 families with children living in Beltline. The neighborhood is served by two public schools: the Connaught Community School and the Victoria Community School. Just a block outside of the neighborhood is St. Mary’s High School, a Roman Catholic school.

Beltline’s Redevelopment

Beltline, Calgary is currently in transition. In order to increase central Calgary’s residential density and rejuvenate the neighborhood, the city government is carrying out an urban planning venture. The goal is to build more high density condominium and apartment towers in the community, so stay tuned, because a major facelift is in the works!
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