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Bonavista Downs Calgary Community

Bonavista Downs Calgary Community: Association, Maps, Events, Real Estate, schools, churches, sports, clubs, houses, homes, and more... Read More »

Bonavista Downs is a small, triangle-shaped neighborhood in the northeast corner of Lake Bonavista, a community located in southeast Calgary. The Bonavista Downs area is relatively well off, and its residents have a median income of $81,761. If you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood that doesn’t sacrifice urban amenities and convenience, Bonavista Downs is an excellent choice.

Real estate in Bonavista Downs, Calgary is considered a great asset because the neighborhood is close to Deerfoot Trail and provides easy access both to the downtown area and airport. The neighborhood also boasts abundant green space and offers convenient access to shops, recreational facilities, schools, and other important amenities.

Bonavista Downs is located near Lake Bonavista, a 52-acre man-made lake, and Lake Bonaventure, a 35-acre lake that is only accessible to residents living in homes that are built right around it. Residents of Bonavista Downs do not have access to the lakes because they are not responsible for their upkeep.

Homes in Bonavista Downs

Bonavista Downs, Calgary is comprised almost entirely of single family homes. The majority of residents in Bonavista Downs own their homes; only 7% of the homes in the neighborhood are occupied by renters. Bonavista Downs an ideal neighborhood for families with children because of its peaceful atmosphere and the abundance of natural surroundings. Bonavista Downs is popular with families, and there’s an average of one child per household. There are also six different schools in the area.

Recreational Opportunities

Although residents of Bonavista Downs do not have access to the nearby lakes, there is no shortage of recreational opportunities available in the area. To the east is Fish Creek Park, Canada’s largest urban park. Fish Creek Park boasts a trail system, picnic areas, a boat launch ramp, and an aquatic facility. Popular activities at Fish Creek Park include fishing, boating, swimming, cycling, and cross-country skiing, depending on the time of year.

Bonavista Downs is served by the Bonavista Downs Community Association. Recreational facilities that the community association maintains include tennis courts, a skating rink, sports fields, and a basketball court.

Convenient Amenities

Throughout the Lake Bonavista community and on Macleod Trail, there are plenty of shops and restaurants. The Bonavista Promenade is a bustling, albeit compact, shopping mall situated at the corner of Acadia Drive and Bonavista Drive. It features restaurants, a bakery, a flower store, a natural food store, and more. Easily accessible via Anderson Road, the Bonavista Promenade is a convenient stop for anyone who is on their way home to Bonavista Downs from work.
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