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Chinatown Calgary Community

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Looking for an exciting, centrally-located neighborhood with a large population of residents of Asian descent? If so, then Chinatown may be just the place for you to lay your hat. Chinatown, Calgary is the fourth largest Chinatown in Canada, after Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. The neighborhood stretches for 20 blocks.

Chinatown regularly hosts cultural events and features a variety of Asian-influenced restaurants and shopping venues. It’s also home to the Chinese Cultural Centre, which was developed to preserve the neighborhood’s Chinese cultural identity. The community has a population of approximately 1,300 people, and the median household income of its residents is the lowest in the city. 57% of the city’s residents are from low income households, and 92.1% of the city’s residents are immigrants.

Living in Chinatown is convenient if you work downtown and prefer walking or taking the LRT to work. Chinatown is well located, so most residents find that they are able to leave their vehicles at home and get around by foot or public transit. Chinatown’s also a thriving commercial district, so in terms of opportunities for socializing, shopping, and exploring the local culture, it simply can’t be beat.

Chinatown’s History

In 2010, Chinatown, Calgary celebrated its centennial. The community first took root in the 1880s, in the area around present-day 8th Avenue. Because of the growth of the Chinese population in Calgary and a huge fire that occurred in 1886, the neighborhood was relocated to the area that is known today as the Beltline. Less than ten years later, however, the Chinese community of Calgary was again displaced because of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s plan to run tracks through the area. Finally, in 1910, wealthy Chinese merchants purchased land in what is the heart of today’s Chinatown. Subsequently, a Chinese school, Chinese Mission, and the Chinese National League were established in the neighborhood, giving it a sense of permanency.

Real Estate in Chinatown, Calgary

Nearly 99% of the residences in Chinatown, Calgary are comprised of condominiums and apartments, and around 86% of the community’s residents are renters. Chinatown is a great neighborhood for young professionals and anyone else who wants to live in a thriving, affordable community that’s close to all the action.

Chinatown’s Culture

Chinatown regularly hosts cultural celebrations, including the Chinese New Year Celebrations, the Winter Solstice Celebration, Men’s Day, and the Chinese Lover’s Festival. Chinatown is also home to the Dragon City Mall, a bustling shopping centre featuring Asian-themed venues, and the Chinese Cultural Centre, a large facility promoting and preserving Chinese culture.

Foodies love living in Chinatown because the community features several acclaimed restaurants that serve delectable Asian dishes, including bubble tea, noodles, and sushi. Chinatown is also home to the Calgary Chinese Public School, which allows schoolchildren of Chinese descent to preserve their knowledge of their mother tongue.
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