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Real Estate Advertisement

Reach More Customers with Komshi’s Real Estate Ads

Tired of using traditional advertising methods that don’t deliver results? Now you can enhance your brand, get your ads in front of more home buyers in specific Calgary communities, and receive a steady stream of inquiries, all through Komshi’s exclusive real estate advertising platform.


Komshi’s real estate advertising platform makes it easy to create, deliver, and execute online advertising campaigns. Your profile and ads will be featured on the pages of your chosen communities, so you can reach more qualified leads with less effort.


Komshi’s real estate ads are up to four times cheaper than existing advertising methods. And since we consistently publish dynamic local content on our site, we maximize your listings’ exposure. More views = more sales.


We regularly provide reports and analysis regarding ad performance, so you know exactly where your advertising dollars are going. With comprehensive evidence of your ads’ return on investment (ROI), you’ll immediately know what’s working – and what could be improved.

Immediate Results

Komshi’s online real estate ads are effective because they elicit immediate action. Customers can simply click on your ad to access more information, contact you, or request other services.

Act Now

Are you ready to take your marketing efforts up a notch? Then sign up for Komshi’s real estate advertising platform today. With prices starting at $240 per year, advertising on Komshi is a bargain. Plus, the more communities you advertise in, the lower the price will be. Click on the “Create a Profile” button below to view pricing options and sign up for an account.


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