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June 09
Youth worker named Citizen of the Year
Citizen of the Year means a lot more to the recipient than merely an award — it’s an accomplishment.  Calgary youth ...
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Crescent Heights Calgary Community

Crescent Heights Calgary Community: Association, Maps, Events, Real Estate, schools, churches, sports, clubs, houses, homes, and more... Read More »

Crescent Heights, Calgary is an inner-city neighborhood that overlooks the Bow River Valley and offers stunning views of the city. Annexed in 1911 and established in 1914, this neighborhood boasts a rich history and is one of Calgary’s oldest communities. Some of the homes in Crescent Heights date back to the early 1900s.


Crescent Heights, Calgary is bordered to the north by the Trans Canada Highway, to the east by Edmonton Trail, to the west by 4th Street NW, and to the south by Memorial Drive and the Bow River. Calgary’s most bustling pedestrian paths lead to Crescent Heights, so thousands of residents walk across the Centre Street Bridge into downtown each day to get to work.

Real Estate

Crescent Heights, Calgary is located close to the center of the city, so there are many low-rise and mid-rose condos in the area. There are even a few townhomes and high-rise condos to choose from. Two-thirds of the residences in Crescent Heights are apartments and condominiums, and the rest are early 20th Century bungalows and modern infills.

Crescent Heights features both the city’s most luxurious homes and the city’s most modest ones. Because of the variety of real estate available and the wide range of prices, the population of Crescent Heights is diverse. In the southernmost part of the community, you’ll find million-dollar homes, while in other parts of the community, rent costs are $100 dollars cheaper than they are in the rest of the city.

Prices for homes in Crescent Heights start at around $300,000 dollars but can cost up to $8 million. Prices for condos and townhomes in the neighborhood start at just under $200,000. Whether you’re looking for luxury, affordability, or convenience, you’ll find what you seek in Crescent Heights.

Area Amenities

Amenities and recreational opportunities are plentiful in the Crescent Heights area. There are a variety of stores and restaurants along Edmonton Trail, Centre Street, and 16th Avenue. If you take the Trans Canada Highway, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a mountain getaway, while Edmonton Trail will lead you downtown. Centre Street North, which runs north-south through the community, will also take you downtown.

Recreational areas near Crescent Heights, Calgary include Prince’s Island Park, the Bow River pathway system, and West Nose Creek Park. Prince’s Island Park is home to playgrounds, picnic sites, art sculptures, flower gardens, and water fountains, so it’s a great place to escape the noise and stress of the downtown area. The Bow River pathway system on the banks of the Bow River contains a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths. West Nose Creek Park is a beautiful park that features trails, a historic stone quarry, native grassland, and abundant wildlife.
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