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June 09
Youth worker named Citizen of the Year
Citizen of the Year means a lot more to the recipient than merely an award — it’s an accomplishment.  Calgary youth ...
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Inglewood Calgary Community

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Inglewood, Calgary is the city’s oldest neighborhood, as well as a popular shopping and arts district. Inglewood is an inner-city neighborhood located in Calgary’s southeast sector. Located across the Elbow River from Fort Calgary, Inglewood was established in 1875 after the fort was built. Ninth Avenue in Inglewood was Calgary’s first “main street.” When it comes to arts and culture, Inglewood is the liveliest place to be in Calgary. If you love art, live music, shopping, and other entertainment, you will adore living in this happening district.


Inglewood, Calgary is bounded by the Bow River to the north and east, the Elbow River to the south, and the CPR yard to the west. It is located at the confluence of the Bow River and Elbow River. Downtown Calgary, the Calgary Stampede, the University of Calgary, the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, and the Calgary Zoo are nearby.

Real Estate

Inglewood, Calgary features several charming homes that are between 50 and 100 years old. In fact, several of the city’s oldest heritage homes are located in Inglewood. Many of Inglewood’s older homes have recently undergone renovation. In addition, there are condominium townhomes near the Bow River. Inglewood has a home ownership rate of over 60%.


Inglewood is considered one of the more “artsy” zones of Calgary. It is home to several small, independent art galleries, as well as a slew of live music venues. Inglewood’s famous for its abundance of original art, including sculptures, paintings, potteries, and glass. Roots, blues, and original styles of music are popular in this neighborhood, which has been called Calgary’s hub of local music.

Inglewood, Calgary is also home to a number of tourist attractions, including the Fort Calgary Historic Park, the Calgary Zoo, and the historic Deane House. Furthermore, Inglewood features more than 100 shops, eateries, and boutiques that are popular with both tourists and locals.

Popular events held in Inglewood, Calgary include the Sunfest, which takes place on the last Saturday of July each year. Sunfest attracts more than 30,000 people and features live musical performances, outdoor shopping, and a pie-eating competition. Inglewood will also be the new headquarters of the Calgary International Folk Festival.


Most of the shops in Inglewood, Calgary are independently owned and operated, so they carry original, unique items that are difficult to find elsewhere. There are several specialty shops in the area, where you can purchase everything from Japanese knives to gourmet chocolate. Inglewood is particularly famous for its decorator’s boutiques and antique shops.


There is an array of dining establishments in Inglewood, Calgary. From retro burger joints to five-star venues, the restaurants in Inglewood cater to customers of all budgets. The restaurants and pubs in Inglewood boast a unique atmosphere and serve delicious foods like pizza, home-cooked cuisine, desserts, and Asian delights, to name a few possibilities. Many people who work in downtown Calgary go to Inglewood for lunch or a drink after work.
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