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January 19
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MidSun Calgary Community

MidSun Calgary Community: Association, Maps, Events, Real Estate, schools, churches, sports, clubs, houses, homes, and more... Read More »

MidSun, Calgary consists of two communities: Midnapore and Sundance. MidSun is located in the southeast quadrant of Calgary. Prior to being annexed by the city in 1961, Midnapore was a small town located to the south of Calgary. As Calgary grew larger, Midnapore was established as a neighborhood. Sundance was established in 1982. Both Midnapore and Sundance are lake communities that provide residents with numerous recreational opportunities.


MidSun, Calgary is a comfortable, scenic area that is ideal for families. Midnapore is bounded by Fish Creek Park to the north and east, Sun Valley Boulevard to the south, and Macleod Trail to the west. Sundance is bounded by Sun Valley Boulevard to the north and east, Marquis de Lorne Trail to the south, and Macleod Trail to the west. MidSun, Calgary is a convenient place to live because the LRT line runs parallel to Macleod Trail, offering direct access to the downtown area, SAIT, ACAD, and the University of Calgary.

Real Estate

MidSun, Calgary is a thriving community with a diversity of real estate, ranging from affordable starter homes to mid-priced homes to spacious lakeside properties. MidSun is a popular place to live because of the abundant recreational opportunities that the communities’ lakes offer. Most of the houses in the area are single family detached homes. Many of them have a rural feel because of their proximity to Fish Creek Provincial Park. Sundance has a home ownership rate of over 93%, while Midnapore has a home ownership rate of over 74%.


MidSun, Calgary is a regional commercial center that is home to Midnapore Mall. The community is also located near Shawnessy Village and Shawnessy Centre, both of which feature a variety of shops, restaurants, and services.


The highlight of living in MidSun, Calgary is undoubtedly having access to beautiful community lakes. Sundance Lake, which was constructed in the middle of Sundance, is a 33-acre man-made lake. Midnapore Lake is a 30-acre man-made lake featuring an adjoining park. The lakes are used for swimming, fishing, and boating in the summer and winter sports in the winter.

The communities of Midnapore and Sundance share a large community centre. Programs offered at the shared community centre include drama, badminton, break dancing, Tae Kwon Do, out-of-school programs, and preschool programs.

MidSun, Calgary is bordered by parks. Residents can go to nearby Fish Creek Provincial Park to enjoy nature, access the area’s recreational pathway system, and visit the public beach at Sikome Lake. Lake Sundance, which is the centerpiece of the Sundance community, is surrounded by parkland that features two playgrounds, a waterfall, a beach, a wading pool, horseshoe pits, a basketball court, a beach volleyball court, a paved rink for rollerblading and paved walking path.
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