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North Glenmore Community | Calgary

North Glenmore Community Overview

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Located in the southwest quadrant of Calgary, North Glenmore, also known as North Glenmore Park, is a residential neighborhood that’s home to approximately 2,400 people. North Glenmore, Calgary is located on the north side of the Glenmore Reservoir, just south of the community of Altadore. Because of the neighborhood’s proximity to the reservoir, its residents can enjoy a variety of recreational opportunities.

In the early 1900’s, North Glenmore was the site of a stone quarry. Many of Calgary’s historic buildings were constructed with stone from this quarry. Today, the area boasts convenient access to amenities, including a number of golf courses, Heritage Park, Weaselhead Park, Glenmore Athletic Park, Centennial Arena, Chinook Mall, Rockyview Hospital, and Mount Royal College. There are also several schools in the area, like Central Memorial High, Emily Follensbee Centre, Shaugnhessy High, and St. James Elementary and Junior High.


North Glenmore, Calgary is bounded by 50th Avenue SW to the north; Glenmore Athletic Park, Lakeview Golf Course, and Earl Grey Golf Club to the east; Earl Grey Golf Club to the south; and Crowchild Trail SW to the west. North Glenmore’s residents have quick access to the city’s major transportation routes via Crowchild Trail and Glenmore Trail.

Real Estate

North Glenmore, Calgary was annexed by the city in 1956, but residential development didn’t begin till 1957. The neighborhood consists mostly of single family homes that date back to the 1950’s and 1960’s. Infills are slowly beginning to replace older homes in the community. Homes in North Glenmore have an average sale price of around $485,000. The neighborhood’s home ownership rate is over 78%.

Parks and Recreation

North Glenmore, Calgary has an active community association that organizes a broad range of activities for residents, including Pilates, yoga, belly dance, fencing, and gymnastics. North Glenmore’s community centre, which is located along the area’s pathway system, has a dance studio, gym, lounge, board room, and other amenities.

Because of its convenient location near Glenmore Reservoir, North Glenmore offers a variety of recreational opportunities for residents. Recreational activities that residents of North Glenmore, Calgary can enjoy include rowing, canoeing, boating, and golf. At the western end of the reservoir is the Weaselhead Flats wilderness area, which is a great place for wildlife viewing. The Calgary Rowing Club and Calgary Canoe Club are located just inside Glenmore Park, at the end of Crowchild Trail. Glenmore Park, which is just across Glenmore Trail, has an indoor pool and indoor ice arena.
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