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Scenic Acres Calgary Community

Scenic Acres Calgary Community: Association, Maps, Events, Real Estate, schools, churches, sports, clubs, houses, homes, and more... Read More »

Scenic Acres

Scenic Acres, Calgary is a residential community located in the city’s northwest. The community is named Scenic Acres because of the beautiful, panoramic views it offers of the Rocky Mountains, Bow Valley corridor, and Paskapoo Slopes. The Scenic Acres area was annexed by the city in multiple stages beginning in the 1960s, but it wasn’t established as a neighborhood until 1981. Scenic Acres has a population of around 9,370.


Scenic Acres, Calgary is bounded by Crowchild Trail to the north, Nose Hill Drive to the south and east, and Stoney Trail to the west. Scenic Acres is less than 15 miles away from the downtown area.

Real Estate

Scenic Acres, Calgary is a relatively well-to-do community. Its residents have a median household income of $100,156. The vast majority of housing in Scenic Acres consists of single family detached homes. There are also a handful of townhomes and condos in the area. The average listing price of homes in Scenic Acres is in the high-$400,000s, while the average listing price of condos and townhomes in the area is in the high-$300,000s.

Scenic Acres, Calgary is also a popular place to retire. The neighborhood is home to the Scenic Acres Retirement Community, a vibrant community where people ages 55 and up can enjoy a high quality of life.


Scenic Acres, Calgary offers quick access to numerous shopping venues and restaurants. For example, Crowfoot Shopping Centre, which is home to more than 240 shops and services, is nearby. In addition, getting to other parts of the city is easy if you live in Scenic Acres because of the Crowfoot Station LRT extension. Schools located in Scenic Acres include Scenic Acres Public School and Monsignor E.L. Doyle Elementary, which is a separate school.

Parks and Recreation

Scenic Acres, Calgary boasts ample green space and numerous open fields. The southern part of the neighborhood is equipped with tennis courts, an indoor skating rink, a hockey rink, playgrounds, and athletic fields. The neighborhood also offers quick access to the city’s recreational pathway system.

Scenic Acres is served by the Scenic Acres Community Association, which has an active presence in the community. The association offers a variety of recreational programs for residents, including aerobics, dance, karate, yoga, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, and Teeter Tots. Special events held in the community on an annual basis include the Stampede Breakfast, Bubble Gum Boogie, Lego Competition, and Christmas Craft Sale.
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Scenic Acres | Calgary
Scenic Acres
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