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How to get your home into summer shape
July 14, 2010

With warm weather and air conditioner season fast approaching, Direct Energy has tips to help Canadians get their homes “fit” and ready for summer.

In a survey recently conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion on behalf of Direct Energy, one third (33 per cent) of Canadians described the fitness/efficiency level of their home as Average, while another 42 per cent describe it as Trim — meaning their home is moderately energy efficient.

Most Canadians say that while home fitness is important to them, they would instead opt to spend money on surface improvements. When asked how they would spend $5,000 on their home, the majority (68 per cent) would rather spend the money to update a room (kitchen, bathroom) than on upgrading a core element of their home.

When it comes to their own personal fitness, Canadians (88 per cent) would overwhelmingly choose to invest in a personal trainer and nutritionist, rather than a quick aesthetic plastic surgery or liposuction fix. While Canadians see the importance of looking after their general physical fitness over the speedier surgical beauty fix, they do not necessarily take the same approach regarding their homes.

“Maintaining a fit home makes good financial sense,” said Dave Walton, Director of Home Ideas at Direct Energy. “Often we don’t think about the cooling or heating elements of our home until it’s too late, and they need repair or replacement. It is important for home owners to keep the inner workings of their home top-of-mind.”


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